Louis Vuitton is a concept project for the famous fashion design brand. 

The style is simple but elegant with LV monogram being recognizable all over the world. But it's the combination of quality, exclusivity and innovation that make the timeless success. This is a non-commercial project with photography sourced from Louis Vuitton. 


  • Concept project

  • Fashion

  • Web redesign

  • Ecommerce

  • 2022

Louis Vuitton - The life you deserve.

Louis Vuitton is a synonym for both elegance and creativity. It blends tradition and innovation, luxury and excellence. 

Bold navigation, clean product imagery and serif sections carrying the product description. Keeping the elegant approach with a generous amount of negative space to allow the products to communicate directly to the customers. 

Page layout with model pictures
Split section products layout
Collections mobile screens
Louis vuitton logo
Website layout screens

The legacy of Louis Vuitton is expressed through its strong spirit of innovation, the boldness of its creations and an uncompromising demand for excellence. 

I created clear layouts with well built hierarchy which allows for a quick and smooth overview even for the busiest user. Serif typeface used for product description to give it an extravagant and deluxe bliss. 

Shop listing page
Single product page
Single product mobile layout
Mobile product filter
design concept

Inspired by the long lasting fashion tradition of Louis Vuitton I redesigned the website with a single goal in mind: to incorporate bold yet lush fashion style with visual smoothness and unity and achieve gender neutral concept. All while providing a smooth user experience.

For more than a century the brand was known for their luggage designs. Roots of the brand deserve acknowledgement, so the navigation in the website is tucked in bold, squared buttons, symbolizing the tradition and heritage of travel suitcases on which this brand was built on.

Before the actual design design phase, I had to dive deeper into the brand itself which led me to think about art direction of the website. Urban yet luxurious tone of voice unveiled several key words I wanted this project to reflect: classy, bold, engaging, effortless and timeless.

Carefully paired typefaces, branded photography and generous amount of white space allowed the personality of the website to emerge and stand out. The way I used visual design was integrated with UX improvements resulting in clear communication to website visitors.

Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton shop photo by Rasmus Karkkainen
Typography presentation
Order confirmation splash screen