This project is portfolio presentation for photographer Breston Kenya. 

Beautiful imagery inspired by Kenyan lifestyle with clear subjects, poster-like composition and diverse color palettes are placing this artist high on my list of photographers to follow.  


  • Concept project

  • Photography

  • Website design

  • 2022

Breston Kenya logotype

The project consists of selected photographer’s work, including several quotes from the interview with Pexels. 

Swiss style design with blocky layouts, a minimalist design ethos, and sans serif typeface form the visual foundation. This is accompanied with a generous amount of negative space to counterweight photographs by giving them room to breathe and to ‘tell their story’. Editorial nature of page layouts provides enough contrast between the text and imagery. 

Above the fold layout
Photography list layout
Above the fold - mobile version
Text and images layout combination

“Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.”  Eliott Erwitt 

Special attention was dedicated to black and white photography section; to enable full exploration of interpretation and experiences, of a user, contrast between the photos  in both their size and shape was provided, including lots of negative space. 

design concept
design concept
design concept
design concept
design concept

I came accross this photographer while I was exploring Pexels for another project. Impressed by the Kenyan fashion, colors, culture that Brenon captures with his camera, I have decided to dedicate a project to his work and to promote and share his shots with the community.

The goal was to create a generous amount of space for the photographs to allow the user to really focus and inhale the story behind them while also creating a layout that will guide the user’s eye to the next target.

I chose Fibonacci sequence for typography sizes which provided clear contrast to achieve Swiss style design approach. The project was structured as a combination of three sections including color photographs, black and white photographs and interview sections.

Photographs are presented in two ways: the first is a default, rectangular shape without border radius. The latter is a rectangular with rounded edges simulating Maasai shield that can be found on Kenyan flag.



Two models in front of house
Typography presentation
Reach out call to action

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