Dr. Martens is a concept project for the urban fashion design brand.   

Inspired by the sub-culture this brand is being part of, I chose to create a website concept and to breathe some new branding approaches along the way. All photos (but one) are owned by Dr. Martens. 


  • Concept project

  • Fashion

  • Web, branding

  • 2022

Dr. Martens black and white collage

Alternative, recognizable and bold, this brand is confidently walking in the fashion industry. 

For this urban and modern brand with classic roots that unifies so many different groups of people, I went with sans-serif typography to achieve clear, statement-like direction. The yellow color from the brand's logo was used as the main highlight for neon visuals and the details that deserved special attention. 

Fullscreen menu visual exploration
Page layout with dr. martens shoes
Mobile menu layout
Brand collage of black and white imagery

Dr. Martens address every person and their style. Special attention goes to supporting marginalized groups. 

To simulate the strong footsteps of Dr. Martens shoes I created an image layout mimicking the shape of a sole. As the brand is very committed to gender awareness and equality, I designed a section that boldly addresses this topic, supporting all the free-minded people in Martens shoes.  

The boldest walk - page layout
For you on the other side - branding collage
Mobile banner
A badge of attitude - collage

Dr. Martens are rarely just shoes. The brand was adopted by a diverse range of groups, celebrities, musicians and free-thinking individuals – each using the boots and shoes to represent their own personal attitudes and identity.

Having that in mind, art direction of this project was also used as a statement: bold, rebellious, with high contrast yellow color that reflects the attitude. Therefore, presenting photos in the layout shaped like footprint shows not only the boot, but the brand vision as well.

It’s not just about the boots and the shoes: how about the laces? I wanted to incorporate them into design in a symbolic, yet visually appealing way. Flat, rectangular but quite often colorful they oppose boot color giving it an urban chic look.

To simulate the laces, I designed yellow rectangles and placed them in the background of Dr. Martens collection sections. They are used to tie the sections together while presenting the important details of the brand.

Dr. Martens 

Dr. Martens 

Dr. Martens white shoe shot by Samuel Regan-Asante
Typography presentation
Layout collage

Meaningful brands leave footprints. Let's create yours together.