Acamp is a client project for a startup company based in Stockholm. 

Acamp is like Airbnb for campers. The platform allows hosts to rent out and manage out their land to campers. Campers can find and book a spot to stay while on the road or in advance.  


  • Client project

  • Camping

  • Web, apps

  • Product design

  • 2021

Project screens on nature photo shot by Geran de Klerk

Deciding on the purpose of a dashboard renders a good design foundation and enables easier upgrades for the future product growth. 

Grids are the pillars of successful and effective alignment. To achieve well grounded composition and organize a ton of information in a seamless way, several UX and visual techniques were utilized.  

User dashboard
User dashboard with sidebar
Filter layout
Campfire, shot by Gantas Vaičiulėnas
Product screens with user flows

In the following section several screens from the booking flow are presented. 

Aiming for a smooth experience I focused on providing clear indicators of each step of the booking flow. This prevented user’s cognitive overload by keeping track of the selected choices and available information. Special attention was given to mobile experience as it was the primary booking device. All of this was based on the gathered data and relying on testing as often as possible. 

Campsite listing overview
Campsite listing responsive layout
Search results - responsive layout
App homescreen on an iphone mock
Series of mobile app layouts

The goal of design when working in a startup environment (and being the only designer) is not to have extensive discussions or to develop a perfect solution, but to make quick decisions, to get commitment and to be able to act strategically despite limited time and budget.

In order to empathize with the different types of users, I developed so-called proto-personas, based purely on experience and educated assumptions. They were used as a starting point to reflect on the needs and challenges of the users and were helping in establishing the information architecture later. To provide consistent visual tone, I created a design system specifically tailored to Acamp.

Everything is about organization itself – a good design organization is more likely to create strong products and services.

Utilized UX methodologies: Heuristic evaluation to highlight good and bad design practices in the existing product, task analysis of understanding the current system and its information flows, product roadmap for product’s evolution plan and prioritizing features, card sorting to evaluate the information architecture of a product, usability testing as a form of observation of users trying to carry out tasks with a product, concept testing and guerrilla testing.



Campsite, shot by Hannah Gullixson
Styleguide details
Girl jumping in the air, shot by Sebastian Voortman